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Proximity Technology offers a broad
range of language solutions for
software and product developers.

As the premier developer of world-class spelling error detection and correction, hyphenation, translation, and thesaurus software, Proximity Technology can save your company time and money while improving user experience for your products.

Proximity Technology code and data is embedded in many leading desktop and server applications and is used in over 45 million handheld devices around the globe.


We support more than thirty-six languages and offer content from many of the leading names in reference publishing. Our customers include leading software companies such as Adobe Systems Incorporated and Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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Product Applications

  • Office automation software
  • Publishing & CAD software
  • Presentation & training software
  • Database & content management
  • Web 2.0 Services
  • E-Mail & messaging
  • Extended spam filtering
  • Mobile devices/applications
  • Language learning
  • Search engines

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